Why Statwolf’s marketing dashboard improves the value of Google Analytics

Google is synonymous with the internet. 3.5 billion searches are made every day and its analytics platform, Google Analytics, has an 86 percent market share among websites.

Such a monopoly means that Google Analytics is the foundation of many analytics strategies – but that’s not to say that it’s the answer to creating peak efficiency or efficacy in reporting.

While Google Analytics is a great platform in its own right, a marketing dashboard elevates its value by providing deeper insight into the customer journey.

Data science tools help you dive into analytics

Google’s proprietary technology didn’t earn the praise of millions of marketers all over the world for no reason. It’s a simple yet effective tool that allows companies to better understand the behaviour of website visitors e.g. why users are leaving at certain points in the shopping lifecycle, where they are converting, or bouncing.

It serves as an excellent starting point for organisations getting their feet wet in marketing,

The tool offers an efficient method of tracking traffic through a variety of mediums, like organic, social and paid search. But it lacks insight as to what exactly drove a customer to your website.

Consider this example: Google Analytics can track which users came from specific campaigns using UTMs. However, it’s not able to show how your customers interacted with the campaign before that – for example, did it get many likes or shares or retweets?  

This makes it time-consuming for even the most skilled marketers to consolidate the data to dive deep into the responses that their campaigns elicit from consumers.

However, by pairing Statwolf and Analytics, you can evaluate the most effective components of a strategy in a bid to curate the perfect campaign to a specific target audience, which greatly improves the chances of gathering leads with a high conversion chance by creating a funnel that allows you to get a comprehensive view of audience behaviour.

Data science without the limitations

A marketing strategy built on Big Data is only as powerful as the platform behind it. The Statwolf marketing tool offers businesses the ability to integrate various platforms, data sources and databases to build one holistic dashboard that can offer an overarching view of disparate data points.

Data integration is paired with a powerful visualisation tool that provides multiple levels of granular analysis – a functionality that allows marketers and data scientists to manipulate the information any way they want.

Supporting the analysis is a digital marketing dashboard that’s fully automated, enabling marketers to call on advanced analytics at any moment. It can also be customised to show specific metrics, which is useful for those investing in A/B testing.

Underneath the hood, the platform is built to integrate both structured and unstructured data into its analytics models. This allows for fast, dynamic data modelling that facilitates instant analysis of multi-dimensional datasets. The efforts allow marketing teams to generate:

  • Clear visualisations of historical events.
  • Trend analysis.
  • Forecasting and predictive analytics.

Thanks to our expertise in machine learning, Statwolf is able to offer bespoke solutions for enterprise-level customers. These are designed from the ground-up based on your needs, and the list of possible models includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Regression
  • Classification
  • Clustering
  • Pattern recognition
  • Image processing.

Statwolf’s platform comes with a kick-off webinar that shows you all the essentials at the start, letting you immediately dive into your data. Users also benefit from a dedicated support staff that helps you get the most out of your marketing data, without any wait time required.

Are you ready for greater analytics possibilities?

Statwolf’s platform gives users the ability to dive deep into their datasets, as it integrates with nearly every major platform, including Google Analytics and social media sites. It lets your team see the data the way you need to, and adapts to your custom requirements.

Don’t waste another day without getting granular insight into your data. Contact our team today to learn more or sign up for a free consultation.