Can a marketing dashboard show your team how to compete?

If you’re working in marketing, we bet the landscape of your job has changed a lot in the last few years. What started out as a creative job – the reason you got into marketing in the first place – has invariably turned into a digital-heavy role where you’re running campaigns either for your own company or for clients at your agency.

Think about your working day for a minute: You’re probably running campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Maybe you’ve got a Google AdWords account and spend time monitoring PPC and SEO too. Then there’s resourcing in terms of time and money to be factored into the management of these campaigns.

The need to have those genius creative ideas is still there – more than ever. But increasingly, we bet you’ve got less time for idea generation and are spending more of your day working out what’s performing well and what isn’t, assessing what campaign is doing well on which channel, and then, of course, you have to report your findings to management so that they can see how the marketing department is performing.

The struggle to compete in digital marketing roles can be exhausting, and can leave you with the sense that you’re always just reacting and never getting round to strategic planning.

That’s where a specifically-designed marketing analytics dashboard comes into its own.

You’ll save time on chasing the statistics and be freed up to concentrate on the fun and exciting side of marketing. A digital dashboard provides you with the important statistics that are relevant to your business – and it presents it to you in an easily understandable visual manner so that you can explain your efforts to management and secure their buy-in.

Most importantly, it can help give you back your competitive edge. Here’s how.

Compete by reducing reporting time

Once your dashboard highlights the campaigns that are doing well, you can recreate those campaigns across the channels available to you in order to widen your range. Our marketing dashboard automatically pulls everything together, offering a simple, complete view of your digital performance. We’ve recently worked with an Italian digital agency, TSW, which implemented our solution to better organise its data.

TSW saw a reduction in the time its marketing team dedicated to data extraction and analysis. In addition, the marketing team saw a drop in the time it had to spend creating and collating marketing data for its clients.

The benefit to TSW, quite apart from the remarkable time-saving, is that its marketing team is now free to dedicate extra time to strategic and creative tasks. Which leads to happier clients and happier staff.

Compete by getting ahead of the game

A recent survey by the CMO Council showed that globally, social ad revenue is poised to climb to $30.8 billion by 2021, up from $15.5 billion this year. Effectively, that means that your current workload could double in the next four years.

Your time is already stretched – so a doubled workload is non-negotiable. However, smart technology can make you much more efficient. A marketing analytics dashboard can input and process data across your marketing efforts. Whether that’s social media, your company’s landing pages or app, a dashboard brings everything together in one place, so you’re no longer chasing your tail.

Compete by showing your boss that you’re bossing your job

A marketing dashboard will let you report on live campaigns and spot the patterns that help you to understand your campaign performance.

If you are A/B testing, Statwolf’s solution can track those campaigns and present the results in an easily understandable manner. In a PPC campaign where you are A/B testing the headline, the body text, the link and the keywords, those campaigns can be presented in exacting detail so that you can explain your rationale for making campaign decisions.

You can share visualisations and charts of the results with management when determining where to channel revenue within the marketing team. You’ll have a happy C-suite – and all with no extra work. Winner!

Compete by maximising the resources you already have

Adding to your competitive edge is only worth if it makes you more agile. We can integrate data from pretty much any source you can think of as well as allowing any custom data sources you might already have.

Business intelligence tools like SAS or Tableau can be plugged straight in and added to the data you’re monitoring from your marketing campaigns, social feeds and analytics tools.

A marketing dashboard combines disparate data sources and can quickly assess how well you are doing in every relevant area for your business. That allows you to discover which areas you are capitalising on – and also any areas which are underperforming.

For example, if you are tracking the cost per acquisition per lead – a fairly common KPI – and you’re producing lots of content and effort into attracting new clients, you can examine which type of campaign has the most effective conversion rate.

At the end of the day, higher conversion rates mean more revenue for your business. And that’s the ultimate goal of any marketer.

Interested in an advanced analytics dashboard that can make your job easier?

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